Coop Education

Commenter lornephi asked for my comments about these three blog posts on a cooperative education program on a piping blog.

1. Helping to Build the Next Generation

2. Cooperative Education from a Student’s Perspective

3. Cooperative Education from a Teacher’s Perspective

I think these posts deserve a read.

When we fret over test scores, we forget that nobody takes tests for a living and when we come across something we don’t know, we look it up.

It’s good to see an education program that is getting kids ready to be productive in the real world, rather than filling them with useless knowledge that they can pick up on Wikipedia whenever it strikes their fancy.

When we think about ‘fixing’ education, these types of programs are the solutions I expect to see, not more test performance nonsense. I know plenty of productive people who didn’t do so well on those tests.

When I think about the skills I use to put food on the table, I learned as many or perhaps even more useful things mowing lawns, assembling bikes for a bike shop, waiting tables and dipping ice cream than I did past a certain point in school.


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