I thought I already posted this

I was digging through some of my recent drafts and found this one, which I thought I had posted.

Here’s an outstanding post from Dan Mitchell on his blog International Liberty, E.J. Dionne Forgets that America Is a Constitutional Republic.

In it, Mitchell asks of Dionne:

Did he not learn about separation of powers in school, and that the courts are supposed to protect us against tyranny of the majority emanating from the legislature?

I remember covering the separation of powers in my 9th grade government class. I didn’t gain a good understanding of why that was important then. I’m not sure if it was just such an abstract concept for me to grasp as a 9th grader that took freedom for granted or if the teacher didn’t do a good job of teaching it.

What about you? Did you know that the Constitution was intentionally designed to separate powers of government help protect us from tyranny in various forms, like government tyranny and the tyranny of the majority?

Later Mitchell writes:

I have no idea of the Supreme Court will make the right decision, but I am overwhelmingly confident that the Founding Fathers didn’t envision mandated health insurance as a function of the federal government.

I’m fairly certain that not every Justice will agree on this case. It will be interesting to see why they disagree.


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