Why I may throw my vote away: Part II

I wrote about why I may throw my vote away here.  On his blog, Zombiehero posted the video below of Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan, on CNBC’s Squawk Box agreeing with me.

In the video, Taleb explains why he supports Ron Paul. The key point is at the 6:40 mark when the host asks Taleb what kind of chances does he give Ron Paul?  Taleb responds:

I don’t think in terms of chances. I’m supporting him, regardless of the chances. Whether he has 1% or 99%, I’m supporting him, because we have no other solution…it’s my duty as a citizen, as a person who lives here, as a taxpayer who doesn’t want to be hoodwinked….in the long run, by bureaucrats.

2 thoughts on “Why I may throw my vote away: Part II

  1. Regrettably, self fulfilling prophecies are by definition, well, self fulfilling.

    In the current Republican primary, one could argue that a reason not to support Congressman Paul would be a strong aversion to having Governor Romney represent the GOP. In this case, one might want to support the non-Romney candidate most likely to beat Romney rather than “allowing” Romney to win by splitting the non-Romney vote among the other three candidates. That’s not to say that Congressman Paul has no chance to actually beat Romney in a head to head match up if the other two (Santorum and Gingrich) were to drop out. However, like the old saying goes, the fastest horse doesn’t always win, but it’s a good way to bet.

  2. Your not throwing your vote away. The whole notion of throwing your vote is complete nonsense. The only ones talking like that are in the tank for Romney. Gee…you think they have a motive?


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