CO2 Makes you fat?

This story suggests a link between the amount of CO2 in our bloodstreams and weight. The theory is that it can affect some brain receptors that might cause you to eat more and not sleep optimally, which could impact your metabolism.

The researchers think that increasing C02 may have contributed to a shift in the Body Mass Index in the Denmark over the past several decades.

Interesting if true. I imagine some folks will immediately pile on CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

There could be other culprits too. Many people consume fair amounts of C02 directly in their carbonated beverages. Though, the researchers didn’t study this.

Also, since we’ve made our homes and buildings more airtight to save energy, CO2 from our own respiration can build up more easily. The article suggests opening a window once in a while. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Open a window and get out and walk around at lunch to help curb your appetite.

Though, I have my doubts. Other things have happened since the 1970s that could have also contributed.  Governments started providing diet recommendations, for example. I got fat from that. When I gave that up, I lost weight.

Also, the consumption of refined sugars and flour have increased. Again, from my experience, if you minimize that in your diet, it’s easier to keep the weight off no matter what else you eat.

On the other hand, I don’t drink a great deal of carbonated beverages and I get a fair amount of fresh air.

2 thoughts on “CO2 Makes you fat?

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