Blame Disorder II

Following my recent post, Blame Disorder, Thomas Sowell opines on the same subject in his column, The Big Hoax.  It’s a good read.  Here’s a key piece:

…the biggest hoax of the past two generations is still going strong — namely, the hoax that statistical differences in outcomes for different groups are due to the way other people treat those groups.

The latest example of this hoax is the joint crusade of the Department of Education and the Department of Justice against schools that discipline black males more often than other students. According to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, this disparity in punishment violates the “promise” of “equity.”

If black males get punished more often than Asian American females, does that mean that it is somebody else’s fault? That it is impossible that black males are behaving differently from Asian American females? Nobody in his right mind believes that. But that is the unspoken premise, without which the punishment statistics prove nothing about “equity.”

Anyone who has watched a couple of episodes of Supernanny can accurately predict the unintended consequences of making it more difficult to punish folks who misbehave.

1 thought on “Blame Disorder II

  1. It’s just a further extension of the left’s blatant pandering for votes via their theory of disparate impact – that discrimination is implied if the results are not predicted by statistical proportions alone. Now the left would have us believe that if one group is punished more than another, it’s due to discrimination. What Mr. Duncan naive proposes is that equality means that we punish an equal proportion of blacks and whites rather than that we punish (or reward) blacks and whites equally for the same behaviors. In other words, Mr. Duncan supports racial discrimination.


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