Parks & Rec

Amy Poehler at the premiere of Baby Mama in Ne...

Leslie Knope

I recommend watching this season of the TV show Parks & Recreation.

This show has a talented group of actors and writers and a good assortment of characters that makes it fun to watch.  It also has some interesting political satire that’s picking up this season as the main character, Leslie Knope, played by SNL vet Amy Poehler, makes a run for city council in Pawnee, Indiana.

Knope’s main opponent is Bobby Newport, son of the town’s rich guy and all around good-looking buffoon.

In a recent episode, Knope’s campaign has been gaining ground in the polls, so Newport’s Dad fires his campaign manager and brings in a Washington DC campaign and politics professional, leaving Knope and her campaign manager/boyfriend way out of their depth.

Knope meets the DC campaign manager and they hit it off and is then taken aback with how ruthless the campaign manager is in the public forum and how nice she is behind the scenes. In the public forum it’s like watching LeBron James play against an aspiring high school talent.

Leslie is getting into politics to make a difference. For the DC campaign manager, it’s just a sport. What’s said and done in the public forum for the DC pro isn’t real. It’s just meant to look good to voters.

In one scene, Knope tries to win over the senior vote by promising to construct Rascal (powered scooter) ramps at all buildings with stairs. The DC pro promises her candidate will build electric elevating lifts and the crowd goes wild.

Later, even the DC campaign manager admits the electric lifts are not practical or cost-effective, won’t be built and the ramps are a better idea, but none of that matters. It’s all about which candidate is perceived as giving out the most goodies.

The sad thing is that it is an excellent political satire.

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