Uncommon Knowledge with Thomas Sowell

Thanks to commenter Jessica for the link to this video interview with Thomas Sowell.

I’m including the link, instead of embedding the video in this post, because the page has a handy segment reference guide.  The video is 46 minutes in total, but it’s easier to fit into your busy schedule in those 10-15 minute long segments.

About 13:30 in, Sowell explains his abrupt transition away from Marxism by describing his experience as an intern for the government over one summer:

I saw the level of understanding among the people [in government]…and I was in a program where we saw the top officials of the Labor Department…and I realized, these guys are not going to save us.

In the last segment of the video, Sowell discusses Republican presidential candidates.  This was around October.  Here are a couple of poignant thoughts that I enjoyed.

On Romney:  He’s a bland man who hasn’t offended anybody….I wish he would go back to doing that [creating jobs and successful businesses in the private market].

On Cain: The White House is not the place for on-the-job training, as our current President has illustrated.


3 thoughts on “Uncommon Knowledge with Thomas Sowell

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