Product idea for a gym and parks & rec departments

Most gyms have class rooms that are used by instructors and personal trainers to lead various exercise classes throughout the day like boot camps, aerobics, yoga, Zumba and Pilates.

I wonder if any gyms have experimented with putting a large, flat screen TV in those rooms so patrons could select from a menu of recorded workouts when live classes are not in session.

I’m sure something like that could also be used by live trainers to broadcast their classes across multiple gyms as well and multiply their class sizes and geographic footprint.

This idea might work in a public space, like a park, too.

Working Out

Working Out (Photo credit: Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums).

Millennium Park in Chicago has the tall, water fountain/splash park with video screens of people making faces from behind the falling water.

I can envision something similar in regular parks.   I envision a “class pad” (flat area with rubberized ground surface similar to most high school tracks) in a park, near the playground equipment, equipped with a video screen that has a menu of different workouts to choose from.  Then the neighborhood moms could let their kids play on the playground and gather for a 20 minute yoga class nearby, or something like that.

Personal trainers could also schedule some of their classes at such facilities.


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