Thinking out loud

If we were microscopic and inside a live brain, we’d see a large network of neurons.  From that vantage point, it would be tough for us to understand how what was going on in that network related to the outside world.

Biological neuron schema

This thing helped me balance the checkbook today (Image via Wikipedia)

I wonder if the universe we see from our tiny spec is similar.  Not that we’re inside a big brain, but that the universe isn’t really what it seems to be from where we sit.

(Sorry, too many “How the Universe Works” shows over the holidays).


3 thoughts on “Thinking out loud

  1. happy new year! i havent been keeping up with my favorite blogs for too long, but i will try and catch up. so i leave you with this…some completely off-topic rambling:

    1> why dont greeting cards or postcards for that matter come with prepaid post? (bought a single greeting card this holiday. store only sold books of stamps. had to go to post office to mail my card)

  2. and on a related note, i learned from wiki the other day that the origin of the 10% brain usage myth stems from a hundred year old discovery that glial cells (not neurons) constitute 90% of the brains mass.


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