Emma Sullivan ‘sucks and #sheblowsalot’

In this post, I wrote:

It seems a big problem in this country can be traced to the strong encouragement we give people to get their voice heard and vote, without first encouraging them to research their opinions, build well-reasoned arguments, listen to and fairly consider opposing viewpoints — and be able to address them without fallacy.

The Emma Sullivan story is great example of this. Emma tweeted:

Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot

What I found humorous about this story is how Emma tried to parlay her substance-free (and untrue) personal attack on Brownback into a meeting with him, as if she thinks she has demonstrated that she actually has something worthwhile for him to hear.

She is quoted in the story as saying:

It would be nice to kind of talk to the governor and let him know where I’m at and say things, let my opinion be heard and tell him that he needs to listen to more people in Kansas.  There needs to be an open door for more people to speak their opinion and be heard by him.

Here’s a word of advice, Emma.  If you really want to “kind of talk to the governor”, saying ‘he sucks and blows a lot’ is not the best way to begin that dialogue.

In fact, if you truly want to talk to Brownback, you could demonstrate that by acknowledging that saying he ‘sucks and blows a lot’ was not an effective approach to that talk and offering a genuine apology for your immature behavior.  Why should anyone want to hold forum with a petulant brat?

The fact that you hold steadfast to your disrespectful comment tells me that you are not serious about wanting to talk with him.



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