City Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall

Here are paraphrased excerpts of a conversation between a local radio talk show host and a member of the local Occupy… movement.

Radio host:  I’ve seen the Occupy movement identify problems, but I haven’t seen solutions.  What solutions do you guys propose?

Occupier:  Well, it’s still early in the movement.  That’s next.  I can tell you we are working passionately on solutions.  There are a couple of good ideas that have percolated up already. 

One, we should amend the Constitution to only have campaign speech from real people.  That means that corporations and foreign entities should not be able to control this.

Another one, the Fed should help everybody, not just the big banks.  We need to give assistance to small businesses too.

Regarding the first solution, I would recommend that these folks closely study what happened after the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform.  This well-meaning legislation just pushed dollars from campaigns into organizations like and Swift Boat veterans.  In other words, it didn’t really limit anything.

Regarding number two, eesh.  How tough is it to learn this lesson?  They don’t want to change the processes that lead to the corrupt distribution of taxpayer dollars.  They want to control it.  For the good of all of us!  To lead us to a new land!

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