Evaluating Teachers

The Freakonomics blog post, Evaluating Teachers: What About Doing it the Old-Fashioned Way?, points to a new study on teacher performance.

Rockoff and Speroni offer a potential glimmer of hope for the old-fashioned approach: the study finds that subjective teacher evaluations for New York City teachers had strong predictive power for future student performance.

I’m always skeptical of studies, even ones that support my viewpoints.   But, for those who aren’t skeptical and like “research”, here’s some for you.

I have written about why I think teacher evaluations should be more subjective.  Here are a couple of past posts on the subject:

Pay for performance in education

Gov. Christie on how to tell a good teacher from a bad teacher

1 thought on “Evaluating Teachers

  1. Steve Levitt and Stephen Dubner — authors of the book, “Freakonomics” — proved to be researchers on a par with, oh say, Michael Moore. So, when you pointed to the “Freakonomics” blog, my skepticism reflex twitched a skosh.

    I have also written and opined on the subject, albeit not recently..


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