Small but useful innovation

It’s easy to overlook small, but useful innovations in our daily lives.  I’ve been trying to make a point to give them more notice.

While we all love big innovations, like iPods and 4G, those little innovations can add up over time.

Here’s one I noticed today.

I’ve used PAM cooking spray for years.   One thing that bugged me about it was the cap of the spray can was hard to pop off.  I’d tend to leave it on without snapping it back into place.  When I grabbed it off the shelf, invariably, I’d tilt the can and the cap would fall off, making a loud noise as it bounced off the counter, and a few drops of the spray that had previously collected in the ring the cap is supposed to snap into would drip out causing a minor inconvenience.

I was pleasantly surprised when I reached for the new can this morning to find this new can and cap design (see image).

The lid pops off easily and there’s no ring for the cooking oil to collect in.

Obviously, the inconvenience of the previous can design wasn’t enough to cause me to seek another solution, but I’m glad the makers of PAM figured this nuisance out and addressed it.

2 thoughts on “Small but useful innovation

  1. My solution to this problem was to dispose of the cap after prying it off the first time. Assuming I didn’t snap the nozzle off at the same time. Then I would have to throw the whole thing away. With this innovation I still throw the cap away but I don’t snap off the nozzle. Innovation rocks.


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