Occupy Wall Street

A friend asked what I thought about Occupy Wall Street.  I directed him to John Stossel’s latest column, Wall Street Protesters Half Right, because Stossel does a great job of summing up my views.

I hope that the OWS protesters learn to better distinguish between the free market and the rent-seeking profits that seem to bug them.  Right now, they confuse those concepts.

Here’s another post on this distinction.


6 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street

  1. It has struck me that people (at least the ones on TV or posting comments on the internet) are not really capable of entertaining more than two alternatives at the same time. I’m sure they are mentally capable of doing so, but the ones inclined to do so get shouted down.

    • I agree Alex, but I wouldn’t count them out. There have been times in my life were I didn’t appear to be capable of entertaining two alternatives, but having been exposed to the idea allowed me to think about it when I made an observation later that jived with what the other side was saying.

      I think it’s a good sign that they are out there engaging in debate even if it doesn’t appear to be productive at the time. It’s when folks are not interested in entertaining debate at all that I feel like we make the least progress.

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