With seemingly self-inflicted stumble of Netflix last week, I thought I would mention that my local Blockbuster store seems busier lately.

Their 99-cent pricing for non-new releases seems to be bringing in traffic.

2 thoughts on “Blockbuster

  1. I can’t wait to get the Blockbuster Movie Pass as an employee of Dish Network on October 1st. My customers will be happy to have everything on one bill because includes over 20 movie channels too! If you want your movies anywhere you go just ask for the Sling adapter that makes all of this possible on your mobile internet enabled device. Over 100,000 movie titles and TV shows and Blu-ray doesn’t cost extra like Netflix and Redbox! I have my movies mailed to my home as a Blockbuster member, but you can stop at one of Blockbuster’s convenient locations or stream from your home 722 receiver or computer. Now that Blockbuster has streaming, watch out Netflix!


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