A doodle

I found this doodle in my notebook.    The caption on the the first doodle is “Entrepreneur” (though I spelled it wrong in the doodle).

In the second, “Politician”.

I thought it was a good graphic representation of some of the topics from my recent post, What is wealth and where does it come from?

See below the fold if you need help interpreting.

The “Entrepreneur” digs the earth, plants a seed of a tree and waters it to help it grow in the hopes that the tree will provide some future benefits.  That’s like what entrepreneurs do with businesses.  Their idea is their seed.  Taking the risk to put it into action is planting and watering it to help it grow in hopes that it will provide future benefits for him and for his customers.

The “Politician”(s) sit under the tree, enjoying the shade it provides from the hot sun.  This is the very tree the entrepreneur planted and nurtured years before.  Now, the politicians reap the benefit of the entrepreneur’s efforts, never realizing that’s what they’re doing.  This represents what happens when politicians spend money in government.  They don’t realize that money represents wealth that was created by some entrepreneur long ago.


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