Business, product and product enhancment ideas


I would like to have an obstacle course gym.  It could include a combination of things like the blow up obstacle courses that you see at kid parties, obstacles that you might see on Ninja Warrior and some of the standard stuff like walls, rope climbs, monkey bars, etc.  And it could be reconfigurable to keep it interesting.

Here’s an enterprising experiment in Houston.


  • Boot camp style workouts are popular.  People are bored with the old routines and are looking for something different.
  • An obstacle course race came to my city this summer.  In it’s first year, 15,500 sign up which made it the biggest run ever in our area.  That was about double the size of the next largest 5k.
  • Obstacle courses are a great way to work out a lot of muscles and have various intensities and they’re fun.  I go crazy whenever my kid goes to one of the kid zone places and I work up a good sweat.

Blog feature idea:

It’d be nice to be able to better tie separate blog posts on a topic together in a series.  You can categorize blog posts and add tags.  But, I’d like to be able to add a series tag.  That way you could easily keep track of all the posts in a specific series and track each one (e.g. “Business, product and product enhancement ideas: Post 1 of X”).  Perhaps you could even have a “1 of X” counter on each post that increments the X every time you add a new post to the series.


  • Sometimes when I’m searching for an old blog post, I’ll get the category or tag correct, but then have to sift through a bunch to find what I’m looking for.   I might be able to remember the approximate series number better.
  • When readers happen across my blog and they happen to like what they read about a certain subject, it would be nice if they could easily click to go to the next or previous post in this series.


I have a basic model, so some of this may already be available on more advanced models.  It may also be on my model, but I haven’t figured out how to make it work yet.

1. Give me rest stop info for the route.  How far to the next one?  How many are within a the next 150 miles?

2. Allow me to set my preferred gas stations (e.g. QuickTrip or Phillips 66) and tell me where those are and how far to the next two or three.

3. Make it easier to see available food options along the route — even a few hours in advance — and close to the route.

Why?  These first three features would help bring some of the benefits of paper based maps into the GPS.  I found this information more difficult to come by without paper based maps and folks who are not proficient with electronic gadgets.  We had to rely on highway signs more than we use to on our map-based trips.  We sometimes missed exits without realizing it and ended up in the wrong parts of town.  That shouldn’t happen with a GPS.

4.  My Garmin GPS has a keypad layout that is in alphabetical order.  It would be nice if I could switch that to the standard QWERTY keyboard layout.  I’d be much more proficient (but now I have a better sense of what typing must be like for those who didn’t happen to take typing as an elective in high school).


3 thoughts on “Business, product and product enhancment ideas

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  2. Seth – Maybe Kohler could design an obstacle course for your bathroom! Gee, talk about random comments generated by internet robots!

    • hahaha…that’s funny. That must’ve pinged off an earlier comment I made about folks hiring a plumber b/c they don’t want to take the chance they are wrong when it comes to pipes, but have no such feedback with politics.


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