Who is Gary Johnson?

Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, provides an example of what I prefer to hear from politicians.

Regarding the high rate of job creation in New Mexico while he was governor, Johnson said:

I didn’t create a single job.

We are proud of this distinction. We had a 11.6 percent job growth that occurred during our two terms in office. But the headlines that accompanied that report – referring to governors, including me, as ‘job creators’ – were just wrong.

The fact is, I can unequivocally say that I did not create a single job while I was governor

…we kept government in check, the budget balanced, and the path to growth clear of unnecessary regulatory obstacles.
My priority was to get government out of the way, keep it out of the way, and allow hard-working New Mexicans, entrepreneurs and businesses to fulfill their potential.
That’s how government can encourage job growth, and that’s what government needs to do today.

I wish more people preferred to hear this from their elected officials.


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