Recipe for riots and flash mobs

High minimum wage + Coddled kids + Facebook/smartphones + Cheap public transit + Coddled parents = Flash mobs

A. A minimum wage set higher than the market wage rate for unskilled, entry-level teenagers causes high unemployment among this group, producing large numbers of teenagers that don’t have jobs to occupy their time and develop their sense of cooperative and mutually beneficial behavior.

B. An education system that passes troublemakers, fails to teach kids to think critically and accept responsibility for their behavior and teaches that external societal forces are somehow responsible for so much wrong and at the same time owes them something brews much discontent, especially when not tempered with on-the-job experience of having to serve others in order to serve yourself.

C. Amazing and cheap technology (which is not recognized as amazing by any of the folks in B) that enables kids to instantaneously communicate with hundreds of their friends.

D. Cheap public transit that allows these networked, privileged and idle kids to meet after receiving these instant messages.  Or, parents wealthy enough to provide transportation for their kids (also lost on folks in B).

E. An ‘it takes a village‘ mentality about raising kids and lenient penalties for misbehavior creates a moral hazard so parents are not that concerned with their kids’ behavior (and perhaps some of the parents believe in what they learned B).


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