Film project idea for Matt Damon

Matt Damon says that there should be a 50% tax on income over $5 million.

Click here to read my advice to Matt.   It would be nice to see Matt lead by example, by voluntarily choosing to donate 50% of whatever he makes above $5 million to the Federal government.  Nothing is stopping him except his own free will.

I have some more advice for Matt.  Before ranting, get informed.  Sit down with someone who disagrees with you and, just for a bit, entertain the idea that they may have good and valid reasons for disagreeing with you.

In fact, I think that’s a great idea for new film project.  Put together a series of you speaking with folks like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Don Boudreaux, Russ Roberts, John Stossel, Nick Gillespie, Arthur Laffer, Arthur Brooks, Diedre McCloskey, Chris Christie, Steven Landsburg and Joe Kernan to name a few.   All of these folks are generally level-headed, matter-of-fact folks who would be able to articulate well positions that oppose your own, without resorting to fallacy or theatrics (though Landsburg may resort to theatrics, but they would be spot on).

It’s worth considering that you’re wrong.  If you don’t consider that and you are wrong, the policies you support hurt the very people that you want to help.

If you do not wish to go through the trouble, please stick to talking about movies.



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