Observation from the road

Ford Focus ST

Pretty darn close to what I drove

When choosing from a line of rental cars on a recent business trip, I chose the only “American” car in the line-up (I use the word “American” here as it is commonly used, but  I believe the more appropriate term is “union-assembled”).

It was the reason I chose the “American” car that I found interesting.

About 10 years ago I remember thinking that “American” cars were cookie cutter, drab-looking, uninspired vehicles, while the “foreign” cars were more stylish and varied.

Things seemed to have come full circle.  The “foreign” cars in this line-up were drab and look-alike.  The brand new Ford Focus, though, stood out and called to me with a fresh, sporty design.  The interior was nice as well.  I chose it and I enjoyed driving it.

I believe that your business is in trouble when your primary marketing strategy is to guilt-trip folks into buying your products.  I always thought a more sustainable strategy would be to put the products that folks want to buy out there.

Kudos to Ford for seeming to be able to do that.

3 thoughts on “Observation from the road

  1. FWIW, I noticed on my honeymoon in Spain (2002) the Ford Focus was all over the place. Presumably people weren’t guild tripped into buying it there. It’s not nearly as successful here.


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