Tim Pawlenty on Dennis Miller

The podcast of the May 24 interview can be downloaded from iTunes.  I recommend listening to it.

Pawlenty’s style of narcissism is almost tolerable.  So far he’s trying something few others have.  As he puts it:

If we’re not willing to say and do what needs to be done, then we’re just wasting our time.

The traditional wisdom is that you can’t go to Iowa and talk about ethanol subsidies, you can’t go to Florida and talk about Social Security, you can’t go to New York and talk about Wall Street reform.

I was in Iowa yesterday talking about ethanol [saying there are no sacred government programs], I’m in Florida today, going to be talking about reforming Social Security and I’m going to New York later in the week to give the what-for to Wall Street.

But, the point is this, the Federal government takes in $2.2 trillion a year, they’re spending about $3.7, they got trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see…we need leaders who can tell the truth.

Telling Iowa farmers that their taxpayer funded rent-seeking program isn’t sacred is a good start.

There were some reforms he spoke of that I wasn’t thrilled about, but beggars can’t be choosers at this point.  I find it more compelling to hear Pawlenty talk about specific reforms than to listen to defenses of Romneycare or discussing whether or not Sarah Palin’s facts about Paul Revere are accurate.

I’m happy to see Pawlenty testing the waters.  If any of his relative straight and sobering talk resonates, other candidates might pick up on it.

We’ll see.  Special interests are a nasty thing.

2 thoughts on “Tim Pawlenty on Dennis Miller

    • Good endorsement. I think it is good for politicians on the leadership track to have faced some of those trials. I’m leery when senators and congressmen run for PotUS without any trials at a true leadership position prior to that.


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