Library 2.0?

On his podcast, Midwest Media Now, my brother Sean interviewed Karen Kring and Frances Roehm from Skokie, Illinois.  They maintain an online, library project SkokieNet.  It’s an online community bulletin board of sorts.  Skokie residents are encouraged to submit stories, photos and events.

Karen and Frances aim to help connect the community and create a historical written and photo record for the residents of Skokie.

With electronic gadgets changing the traditional role of the local library, I wonder if Karen and Frances have hit upon a useful experiment that other libraries should try out.  I view this as something that could fill the niche of the community newspaper with a more open source approach.

2 thoughts on “Library 2.0?

  1. The SkokieNet project sounds rather similar to a project I’ve had percolating in my brain for while, though SkokieNet’s is much larger and more ambitious. I’ll be visiting my family in Oregon in a few weeks and one of my goals is to start collecting interviews (preferably video, but audio at a minimum) with as many of my family members as possible – especially the older ones – about their lives, their jobs, their outlook, etc. I’d give a few of my toes to be able to hear/see such footage of my ancestors and so, in the spirit of Studs Terkel’s “StoryCorps” project and Russ Roberts’ EconTalk chats with people about their jobs (car dealer, hair salon owner, etc.), I’m determined to get my own family on record.

    • That’s interesting Aaron. Seems almost like a Facebook-ish opportunity to create sites that would naturally allow for this.


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