More please

Let me preface that I’m always skeptical of politicians.

But, I would like it if more politicians sounded like Paul Ryan in this interview.  It aired on the ABC Evening News last night.  When asked if he’s worried that his budget plan puts his House seat at risk, he responded:

Now is not that time to be worried about political careers. Sincerely, I will be fine if I lose my House seat because you know what? I will know I did what I thought was right to save this country from fiscal ruin.

I think we were elected in this last election to take a stand on fixing this country’s fiscal problems, to go after spending, to solve this debt crisis, to stop spending money we don’t have.

Those are as close to the ideal sentences coming from an elected official that I can recall.  It reminds me of my own campaign promises.

2 thoughts on “More please

  1. Reading over your campaign promises, it occurs to me that most voters don’t want to think about the fact that most of the spending they want is unconstitutional.

    • Agreed. Many seem to have loosely reconciled that in their minds by viewing the Constitution something that can be interpreted for the times.

      I ask them to explain why Article V was included in Constitution, if its meaning was meant to change through interpretation, rather than Amendment. So far I have not received a compelling answer. Actually, I don’t recall receiving an answer yet.


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