Economists: Star Wars mapping

F.A. Hayek: Yoda  (would also accept Adam Smith and maybe Ludwig von Mises)

Milton Friedman:   Qui Gon Jinn  (with free markets and the Internet he has figured out how to live on and help guide and influence future generations).  Also a candidate for Obi Wan Kenobi.

Walter Williams:   Mace Windu  (Samuel L. Jackson would be excellent choice to play Walter Williams.  Walter Williams columns have a Samuel L. Jackson cadence to them).

Thomas Sowell:   Obi Wan Kenobi. (Dude is just bad-ass.  Read his books.)

John Maynard Keynes:    Palpatine (actually not the man himself, but the brand of JMK and the power it gives to consolidators of political power).

Paul Krugman:  Vader  (Was once good, but fell for Palpatine’s charms and moral relativism.  Can he be turned back?)

Bryan Caplan: Luke Skywalker (If anyone has the power to turn Krugman back to the good side, it just might be this guy.  But he will need the help of his loyal friends.)

Loyal friends:

Steven Landsburg: Han Solo  (Close understudies: The combo of Russ Roberts and Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek.  The main characteristic that set Landsburg up for this role was his slightly more cavalier ‘tude).

Tyler Cowen:  Chewie  (He gets the job done and he likes to eat.)

Megan McArdle:  Leia (Not an economist, but often mistaken for one.).

Matt Ridley: Lando (Another non-economist, but his book The Rational Optimist is a feat on par with destroying Death Star 2.0.  Though I also enjoyed Arnold Kling’s and Nick Schulz’s book Poverty to Prosperity about as much).


George Soros:  Jabba the Hutt  (Michael Moore was also a candidate).

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