Extreme Freeloaders

A blog comment I came across recently suggested a TV show be modeled after Hoarders to bring light to the dysfunctional and careless spending of other peoples’ that takes place in DC. I liked this suggestion.

Also, recently a new show has emerged, Extreme Couponing.  The funny thing is that it holds my attention.  The woman on last night’s episode paid $100 for over $1,800 worth of goods.  Oh, the drama of waiting for that total!  (I predict manufacturers might implement new coupon limits in response to the show).

Maybe Stossel could produce Extreme Freeloaders it.  It would be a natural extension from his Freeloaders special.

In it, he could trace all the bad incentives.  Politicians spend taxpayers money to peddle their influence with special interests and to make glowing claims in their election speeches.  Special interests lobby for the goodies.  Voters accept the status quo because everything is made to sound compassionate and things we ought to be doing (without the slightest consideration given to doing those things voluntarily).

2 thoughts on “Extreme Freeloaders

  1. Are “politicos” really “coupons” for rent seekers?

    The coupon is tax payers money. The defacto manufacture of tax payer money is the politico. Hence the rent seeker cashes in coupons with the manufacture. The manufacturer then has a clientele of coupon clippers aka rent seekers.


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