G.E.’s business strategy

Profit from rent-seeking.

If you don’t get it, please read this post.

If you don’t believe me, please read this article.

2 thoughts on “G.E.’s business strategy

  1. Jeffrey R. Immelt, chief rent seeker, and all around frequent visitor extraordinaire of the White House, little Jeffie happens to be CEO of GE. Way cool! Way convenient! I-smelt a rent seeking opportunity, being he is a large democrat donor and supporter, is gaining his just reward. Which then brings up the subject of Warren Buffet’s association with GE after the Lehman meltdown. Warren wouldn’t be rent seeking would he?

    • I’ve always been impressed with Buffett’s business leadership and acumen. I haven’t been impressed with his thoughts on the economy and government. Buffett has complained that his pie has become so large that it is difficult to make bets that move the needle for his shareholders. Rent-seeking may be one way–unfortunately.


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