Private solutions

I agree with Aaron McKenzie’s take on the recent 8-1 Supreme Court decision regarding the Westboro Baptist Church.  The Supreme Court ruled that members of Westboro Baptist can do their thing without government interference, per the First Amendment of the Constitution.

I agree.  This is a clear cut case.  Restricting speech isn’t the job for government.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t effective private solutions.  One private solution is that groups of motorcyclists show up at these events and use their engines to drown out the voices of the haters.

I know of another private solution that’s worth a try.

A retired college professor, Ed, invented it.  While still a prof, he looked out of his office window one day to see members of a hate group demonstrating on his campus when an idea came to him.

He grabbed some posterboard and made his own sign and went out stood next the protesters with it.  His sign read, “These guys are idiots” and had an arrow pointing to them.

Ed’s sign drew enough snickers from the crowds that the other demonstrators decided to leave.  Ed didn’t stop there.  He runs a private group called Hatebusters.

Ed now has thought up another private solution to this problem.   Ed also supports Westboro’s freedom to speak without government interference, but now he recommends donating money to an organization that Westboro hates, in Westboro’s name, whenever they demonstrate.  Nice going Ed.

1 thought on “Private solutions

  1. Excellent addendum to my post.

    As it happens, the Patriot Guard Riders, to whom I believe you’re alluding here in your reference to motorcycles, actually have a statement on their website regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling.


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