My campaign slogan

If I were to run for political office, I think this would be my campaign slogan:

I am a politician.  Do not trust me.  But please hold me accountable for doing the job.

And, just in case voters don’t know what my job is, I might let them know.

Here are my campaign promises:

  • I will report everything.  When other politicians want me to support their bill, I’ll let my constituents know.  When special interests come to me seeking rents, my voters will know.
  • Someone can make a reality TV show about me and follow me around if they want.
  • I will not stand and applaud at the State of the Union address, no matter what is said and no matter who is giving the speech.
  • I will not vote to raise taxes.
  • I will not vote to support spending that is not enumerated by the Constitution.
  • I will support just about any tax cut.
  • When I take an oath to uphold the Constitution, that means I will do that.  I will also hold my fellow politicians accountable for doing so.
  • When a special interest asks for my support, I will ask them to explain what private solutions have been tried and why those haven’t worked.  I will also ask them to show me where I, as an elected representative, derive the power to do what they’re asking me to do.

Am I missing anything?

4 thoughts on “My campaign slogan

  1. electability. ;]

    sadly, the republican form of government tends to be a popularity contest — if your ideas are at all marginal or ‘mavericky’ you are quite unlikely to get elected. unless you have a crapton of money to drown out every dig of your opponents with either a dig of your own or some blathering feel-good advertising.

    on that note, i would vote for you if i were registered in your district. =]

    you dont want them fimling a reality show of you…i saw this spread on the making of sarah palin’s show and when they are in the car, they are actually being towed by a giant camera van. with cameras all over them.

  2. Unfortunately, I believe that various politicians, at various times in the past, have promised each of these things. Once they’re immersed in Washington, however, their incentives seem to change

    I’ve always agreed with PJ O’Rourke, who pointed out that our favored flavor of politician could never get elected, as his speech would essentially be: “Look, I can do nothing for you. In fact, anything I do will likely hurt you more than help you.” Not exactly a winning formula. And, because a PJ quote is always in order, here’s another of my favorites: “A politician who claims he’s going to cut the size of government is saying he’s going to creep up on himself and steal his own wallet.”

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