Netflix for Kindle Update

Steve posted a comment on this post about Netflix for Kindle about MyPadMedia.  It looks like an initial foray into the “Neflix for Kindle” value proposition — only for the iPad.

Thanks Steve.  Best of luck to MyPadMedia.

Update: But be cautious.  Cyclecrone posted this link (thank you) to a not so glowing review of MyPadMedia.  Full disclosure:  I am not an affiliate of MyPadMedia.  I’m just someone who’d really, really like to have a Netflix for eBook service.

Update II: Google has a new ebook store for just all devices except Kindle, but no subscription service yet.

4 thoughts on “Netflix for Kindle Update

  1. before you part with $50 do some research! This sounded too good to be true to me.

    A red flag went up for me when the site would not let me look at what books I might be able to download. And, frankly, “thousands” of books did not sound like very many! The Gutenberg Project has scanned and made available free and freely, through Amazon and the iBook stores plus other places, thousands of books (classics, books whose copyright has expired).

    I waded through a couple pages of links searching for reviews of this site/service. Lots of glowing advertorial style posts-another red flag!

    I finally stumbled across this review:

    I think I will not jump on this opportunity to part with $50.

  2. Saw the trackback on my post and thought I’d check in. (I just replied to your comment on my site CycleCrone, not in a very timely manner though, so I apologize for that.)

    To go into a little more detail… Last summer when I paid and got access to the “members area” it was literally embedding another website by using an html frame. That site was – a legitimate and free public domain book site. I had a nice email exchange with the site operator, who was sympathetic and did all he could to let people know what was going on. He was able to put up a message, which showed up through the mypadmedia site, to the effect of– ‘this is a free site. If you paid for access to this database, ask for a refund’.

    These guys are smart, and they have a fantastic looking website. But please don’t let it fool you. Also, have you checked your local library? I’m not sure if all libraries do this yet, but mine loans e-books.


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