What’s the tea party about?

One of the local evening drive time (self-described) “fiscal conservatives, social liberals” radio hosts attempted to describe the tea party earlier this week.

He said he thought it was about fiscal responsibility.

I think his description missed the mark. But, it made me think about it.

I think the tea party is generally people with libertarian sensibilities.

I believe the tea party is about liberty and restraining government, and others, from impeding liberty.

Fiscal responsibility is just one aspect of restraining government from impeding on liberty.  That made me think about what a “fiscal conservative, social liberal” is.  More on that in the next post.

2 thoughts on “What’s the tea party about?

  1. “Fiscal conservative, social liberal”. Hmmmm. A definition is needed. Try this:

    Someone that wants you to spend your money based on that particular someone’s vision of “the way things ought to be”. Of course that someone is going to spend your money in a very prudent manner as they go about painting the world in their own self image.


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