Effective Visual

On the Dennis Miller Show, columnist Jeff Jacoby provides a good illustration of what it means to him when he heard President Obama say he wants to freeze government spending for the next five years.

I was envisioning a guy going to the doctor.  The doctor says, Tim, you’ve been overeating, ridiculously. You are grossly obese. You weigh 300 pounds more than you ought to.  So we’re going to freeze your diet and weight at the point it is now.  You’re not going to gain any more weight.

That guy is still going to die of a heart attack in the next three years.

The podcast of the interview is available on iTunes.  It was released on January 26.  This part of the conversation is about 8 minutes in.

Jacoby exposes one of those sleight-of-hand tricks that politicians use to make unreasonable things sound reasonable.   Saying that you are going to freeze spending, sounds really good to folks who don’t pay too close attention.  It sounds responsible, almost austere.  We’re making adult decisions here.

But, it’s not that remarkable at all when you consider that government spending today is 67% higher than it was when W ran for re-election.

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