Miracle Detectives and Modern Miracles

I enjoy Miracle Detectives, a new show on the new Oprah network.  I find it interesting because it explores alternative explanations in cases some people think are modern divine miracles like religious statues that appear to weep, dirt said to have a healing power in a church in New Mexico or the alleged appearance of an angelic image on a security camera in hospital before a girl heals.

Each case is reviewed and researched by a person who tends to believe the miracles and another who keeps an open mind and seeks to rule out other explanations before accepting the case as a miracle.

I think we too often fall for leading narratives and don’t often have enough shows willing to present alternative explanations, so I appreciate a show that attempts this.

I’d love to see shows with a similar format on political and economic topics.  Instead of pitting two talking heads side-by-side for five minutes for a reading of the bullet points, why not send each side out on a quest on a topic to be presented over the course of a half an hour?  Allow each side to make their points up front and ask that they then go out and do things to counter and bolster their points. Maybe they find economists to articulate the points and counterpoint, or they go find visuals to illustrate the point and counterpoints.  At the end, the original points and the counterpoints would be summarized.

I’d also like to see a show dedicated to modern miracles, not of the divine nature.  I marvel when I watch shows like How It’s Made, Dirty Jobs and American Pickers. Each shows great levels of specialization that help make our lives better.  I’d like to take it a step further and present advancements as modern miracles so folks will have a greater appreciation for many of the things they take for granted.

One need only watch the Louis CK Everything’s Amazing Nobody’s Happy video on youtube for a list of potential subjects.

Other subjects could include even more basic and natural conventions that helps us like language, trade, money, prices and competition.   For example, the use of language is so natural for us that few people ponder the role it plays in making our lives better and what life might be like if we weren’t able to convey a tremendous variety of meaning as effortlessly as we do.


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