Netflix for Kindle? II

This post expressing my desire for a Netflix-like service for Kindle-like devices continues to be one of my most popular.  Most people find it through search engines.   That’s Exhibit A that there’s interest in the idea.

My local library just announced a new ebook loan service.  The loaned ebooks can be read on most devices, except Kindle. Darn.  But, it’s still a welcome move in the right direction.

The library reported that they reached their capacity on loaning ebooks within days.  That’s Exhibit B that there’s interest in the service.

Dear  You can be the iTunes and the Netflix for ebooks.  Some people like to buy their books.  Some people like to borrow.  Some do both.   Currently, you serve one-and-half out of three value propositions (the first and half of the third), when you could serve all three.

While libraries, like mine, will get in the game, folks will find a value prop in a wider selection of titles, better queue planning and being able to use such a service with the Kindle.

As an analogy, I pay for Blockbuster Online (I still haven’t switched to Netflix mainly due to laziness), I still rent movies at the local Blockbuster and get some DVDs from the library.

P.S.  If anyone out there uses Netflix on the Wii, let me know how that works for you.  Did you have to buy extra memory or download any additional software for the Wii?


7 thoughts on “Netflix for Kindle? II

  1. We use Netflix on the Wii regularly. It couldn’t be easier, works very well. Recommended! Nothing extra needed at all.

    In fact, we also watch streamed Netflix content on our two iPod Touches and my iPad!! 🙂

  2. I use netflix for my ps3 and occasionally on my iphone.

    I think with more and more e-readers coming on the market, there will be some innovation or at least a price war that should bring the price of e-books lower and lower.

  3. I am interested in your post that your library has e-books that can be downloaded to devices in addition to your computer. The two libraries I have cards at subscribe to Overdrive and I don’t seem to be able to download to my iPad even after downloading the Overdrive app from the Apple app store.

    When I search for books via the Overdrive app I get to where I can click to download, a little wheel icon whizzes for a while and then….nothing. No book, no error message, nothing.

    The hip young thing on the desk at the Sublette County, WY library said she thought the state was working on something to make this work easily but so far no one had been successful. A stay tuned sort of thing.

    Has anyone out there successfully downloaded a library e-book to any device? to an iPad? and what service does your library subscribe to?

    I haven’t even tried downloading to the Kindle. Amazon seems even more protective of it’s profit margins than Apple so am much less hopeful that one will be able to download non-Amazon purchased materials to a Kindle.

    Please, please NetFlix, get those lawyers to work on contracts with the book industry! You have an eager market out here for an e-book rental service! They can start with their out of print back list and move forward in time when they see the cash flowing in; hundreds of thousands of tiny amounts add up fast.

    • My library uses Overdrive too. I have not tried it yet since the only reader device I have is a Kindle for my iPod. It said it doesn’t support Kindle, which is a big drawback.

      Seems like a ripe opportunity.


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