It’s a Start

In this post, I thought coffee bags would be a handy product.

Commenter Will provided this link to show that Great Britain has a single serving coffee bag.

Perusing the aisles of our new, expanded grocery store this evening I came across these (in photo below).  If you can’t read the photo, these are boxes of single cup coffee bags (like tea bags).

Maybe I’ve missed these in all of my previous explorations of the coffee aisle (likely), or maybe the four grocery stores I frequent didn’t carry them due to limited shelf space, these are a brand new product for the U.S. or they just loved my idea and in 2 weeks rolled out a new product (lol).


Coffee Singles


Either way, great start Maxwell House and Folgers!  It’s cheaper than Starbucks VIA and might do in a pinch.  I’ll have to try these soon and see if they taste good.

Coffee companies:  I’d still like whole pot bags to help me keep from brewing motor oil for my dinner guests.  I know there’s only so much shelf space, but it’s worth a market test isn’t it?  You just have to measure the coffee and wrap and seal it in a filter bag that fits is most filter baskets of standard coffee makers.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Start

  1. Hi Seth. My name is Jeff and I’m a friend and old classmate of your brother. I wanna say I’ve been following you blog for about three weeks now and I really enjoy reading it.

    I wanted to bring up that I believe restaurants already have pre portioned bags. I can’t recall seeing them scooping coffee. I wonder if one could sway a restaurant supply company for a few bags.

    • Hi Jeff – Good to hear from you! I remember you. I hope all is well. It fires me up to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. Please feel free to comment whenever you like – agree or disagree – or send me ideas.

      Someone else also enlightened me to the restaurant bags. That’s good to hear. That’s an improvement from my days waiting tables. I’ll have to see if I can get some from a restaurant supply place.

  2. Seth, last night I was at our local chain grocery and I needed coffee. Lo and behold I found single pot bags from a local company, Cameron’s. I called this morning and they just started in KC a few months ago. I was told to check Price Chopper. Also try Cosentinos(sp?). I picked up a bag and brewed it this morning. Pretty nice not having to count scoops.


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