Boudreaux on the Law

Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek linked to this video talk of his a few months ago at the Future of Freedom Foundation website.

Update: The above link no longer works, but the speech is posted on YouTube:

I linked to it then as well, but the post was on a different topic and I’ve had a hard time finding it so I thought I’d re-post to make it easier to find in the future and because I think it’s worth while.

It came up again in an enjoyable exchange I’ve been having with commenter and fellow blogger Ed Darrel on an earlier post (which is inspiring a new post).

In the video, Professor Boudreaux lectures on what he views as the source of law.

After watching it, you might better understand why you stop at red lights and drive above the speed limit.

3 thoughts on “Boudreaux on the Law

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