Give it back? Part 2

Thanks for the comments on the post, Give it back? I think you all made great points.

I think dave’s comment will make sense to my friend (I’ll call him Sam):

what if instead of spending it, the person decides to save and/or reinvest the million? a million dollars worth of capital could probably create more than a couple jobs.

Sam is employed by folks who make good money.  He might not have his job if the owners gave most of it back.  I think it’s helpful to tie a discussion back to someone’s personal situation.  I can’t wait to see what Sam thinks of this.

Mari’s point is also excellent.  A million dollars may be more than enough in one year, but what if that isn’t consistent income from year-to-year?  Shouldn’t we be allowed to save it for the future?

thebigdog asks, give it back to whom?  Another great point. Who would judge to make sure the recipients are worthy?

Mari and thebigdog both get to a key problem with Sam’s statement, it’s arbitrary. As Mari points out, the million-dollars-per-year is an arbitrary judgment, and thebigdog points out that whomever is deemed as valid beneficiaries would be an arbitrary judgment.

If Sam’s arbitrary judgment were to be imposed on others, that opens the door for others imposing their arbitrary judgments on him and we all lose our property rights and freedom in the process.

I’m holding off responding to Sam until I hear back from him.  I’d like to see what he has to say about your points.

Thanks again!


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