Ready-to-Brew Coffee and Filter Tops

As pre-measured coffee packets for the Keurig and Tassimo coffee brew machines take over more space on grocery shelves and as I clean my own coffee maker every few days from the back splatters of the hot water splashing on top of the uncovered coffee grounds, I wonder why coffee companies have not made ready-to-brew coffee bags.

Essentially, the coffee bags would be similar to the tassimo coffee packets, but for conventional brewing machines. The coffee would be pre-measured to brew a certain size pot and wrapped in a filter that the coffee drinker could pull out of the package and drop right into the the filter basket of their Mr. Coffee maker.  No more scooping, measuring and no more mess.

The coffee bags could come in sizes to fit standard coffee makers out there – 4 cup and 12 cup.   So, instead of buying the big can of loose ground Folgers that brews 240 cups of coffee, I could buy a big can that has 20 coffee/filter bags to make 20 pots of coffee with 12-cups each or 60 coffee/filter bags that brew 60 4-cup pots.

As I see it, this would have these value propositions:

  • Brewing/taste consistency – I’m experienced at measuring the 4-cup pots that I brew for myself.  I do that everyday.  But I’m notorious for making strong coffee when I brew a whole pot to serve company, which I only do occasionally.   The pre-measured packets could help.
  • Time saving – No more scooping coffee and no more cleaning the back splatters and dropped coffee grounds.
  • Cleanliness – No more dropping coffee grounds on the trip between the coffee can to the filter.  And, no more coffee back splatters on the hot water nozzle of the coffee maker.  Result – A cleaner coffee pot, which makes for better tasting coffee and more time savings from not having to clean up the spilled grounds.

Here’s another idea for coffee filter makers.

Make filter tops or filters that can enclose around the coffee grounds better.  That would save from the back splashing spatters and help us home coffee brewers keep our pots clean and save time.

I’ve experimented with putting another coffee filter on top of the coffee grounds and that works well on containing the coffee splatters.

If you use these ideas and they work out, a thank you is always nice.

19 thoughts on “Ready-to-Brew Coffee and Filter Tops

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  13. We had these for the restaurant I used to work in. It was a commercial 40-cup machine, but I don’t see why the technology couldn’t be ported to the regular consumer models. The only thing that bugged me, though, was that the bags were rectangular and the filter basket was round!

    Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve seen this for the little 4-cup machines found in hotels. Take one home next time you travel!

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    • Nice. That takes the coffee maker out the equation. Thanks for the link Will. That looks like a good single serving solution. Do they make larger bags for whole pots?

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