Private Solutions: Getting Off Your Duff

Some folks advocate for government solutions when they see something that just “ain’t right” and “we ought to do something about it.”  There’s a few directions the discussion can take from here.

One direction:  If I agree that whatever it is “ain’t right”, I tell them so and suggest that what we ought to get off our duffs and take voluntary action to solve the problem, rather than force everyone else to do it through government.

I appreciate it when I see good examples of people getting off their duffs.  Here’s one good example of a morning radio show that does just that: The Johnny Dare Morning Show Hope for the Holidays.

People experiencing hard times write to the show and get on the air to discuss their bad situation and describe what could help make their Christmas better.  That typically involves getting presents for the kids and keeping the lights on.  The requests are usually relatively modest.  Within seconds callers donate cash and gift cards to help out.

Everyone’s involvement in the process is voluntary and they all benefit from it.  That’s good.  My only suggestion that I think could make this even better is if Dave Ramsey got involved and gave out a reduced tuition to his Financial Peace University for some of these folks.

This post will start a new category that I plan to continue in the future, featuring private solutions.  That’s a blind spot I’ve noticed with the folks who advocate government carry out their philanthropic wishes, they have a hard time recognizing the private solutions that are working or they under appreciate the effectiveness and magnitude of these solutions.


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