Letting tax “cuts” expire aka BIG government bailout

We bailed out mortgage lenders who made the mistake of loaning money on the promise of rising home prices.

We bailed out homeowners who made promises they could not keep.

We bailed out auto companies who wrote checks to their workers that could not be cashed (at least, not without stiffing debt holders).

Government borrowed to “jumpstart” the economy.  Not surprisingly that didn’t happen.  Now, the folks who would like to see tax rates increase to help the deficit want to bail out BIG government by taking more from us.

I find it irksome that for some folks cutting government spending from its new and enlarged levels seems to be a distant priority, while taking more from taxpayers to fix the deficit seems so tantalizing.

Besides, are we to believe the people who told us that spending more money would pay for itself with a growing economy when they now tell us that increasing tax rates will result in more tax revenue.


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