Value Prop: Print vs. Kindle will be attempting to fix one advantage print has over Kindle by introducing a book loan feature (maybe my local library will be able to use this somehow). states that the loan period will be a 14 day window.  If I were designing this feature, I’d make it as true to print loaning as possible.  When you loan someone a book, you don’t have access to that book until the borrower returns it.

If you wish to give them the book, so be it. might argue that the inability to pass the book along is reflected in the lower price, but I don’t buy that.

It would be really neat to be able to gift a Kindle copy of a book away when you’re finished and then track where it goes from there.  Maybe 10 years later, you see the copy of Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell that you originally purchased was read by 20 people.  Might be a good conversation starter when you meet those people.

One other advantage print has over the Kindle is more reading time on airplanes.  With print you can read gate-to-gate.  Since Kindle is an electronic device airlines require you to turn off and stow at the beginning and end of flights, you can lose a considerable amount of reading time on planes leaving you to stare at the seat back in front of you when you could be getting in some quality reading.

It would be nice to be able to overcome this restriction.

If you plan accordingly, you can have the bulky books on the Kindle and a slim magazine to read during Kindle stow time.  But, it would be nice not to have to do that.



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