“What Country Do You Think This Is?”

In a scene that sticks in my memory from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris pulls a car up to a parking garage attendant and asks the parking attendant, “Do you speak English?”

The parking lot attendant gives a look of astonishment and responds, “What country do you this is?”

For some reason, that scene popped in my mind when I read this about a school that made a student remove the American flag from his bicycle because some people were complaining about it.

I do recommend watching both videos.  The school officials have come around and plan to talk to the folks complaining about it.  Props to the reporter for asking some good questions that reporters should ask (and often don’t) like, how displaying the American flag can cause racial tensions (in second video).

1 thought on ““What Country Do You Think This Is?”

  1. im curious as to what transpired for cinco de mayo. i wonder if some kids were told to not display mexican flags. it seems like cooler heads are going to prevail in this case. my props to the family that wanted to comply rather than litigate.


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