The Truth Hurts Sometimes

George Mason University econ professor Charles Rowley makes an interesting observation in this blog post:

The United States at this time has no functioning President. Unfortunately, a major error of electoral judgment in 2008 resulted in  the elevation to this office of a person totally unsuited by reason of intellect, experience, work-rate, and concern for his People,  for the issues that confront his administration.   There is no point in beating about the bush.  The weakness of the Presidency and his cabinet,  imposes a serious obstacle to pursuing the fiscal crisis that confronts the nation.


2 thoughts on “The Truth Hurts Sometimes

  1. ‘Let all the members take that oath to heart, and set about removing the fiscal crisis, even if that process might render every individual a one term member of the House.’

    i predict this will not occur. why do politicians spend so much money getting elected? how many people spend millions of dollars trying to get a job? eight years at an ivy league school would almost certainly get you a job that paid more and cost less.

    it is a cesspool…i just dont think enough people smell it.

    • I’m with you on that dave. That passage from Rowley surprised me.

      I expect politicians to act in their own self-interest, since we all act in our own self-interest. It just seems worse to some people when politicians do it because we somehow expect more of them. I don’t.

      The major change I’d like to see is in the electorate. I would love the electorate to better understand the Constitution and be willing to hold their elected representatives accountable to the oath they take.


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