Rand Paul on Dennis Miller Show

Here are Rand Paul’s top five issues from the interview he did on the Dennis Miller Show last week:

  1. Deficit is a big issue.  Need a balanced budget amendment.
  2. We need term limits.  They [politicians] go and stay too long and they become corrupted by the system.
  3. I think they should read the bill before they vote on them.  They should wait one day for every 20 pages and that will keep them busy for a while.
  4. Every bill should point to where in the Constitution they get the authority for the bill.
  5. They shouldn’t pass any laws that they exempt themselves from.

I’m not sure I care much about #1.  I think it can have some bad unintended consequences.  For example, tax cuts are passed with a sunset date because of the current balanced budget rules.  I think this is bad because it just loads the hopper for political power.  “You want me to vote to extend your tax cut, then sign my bill.”

#2 sounds good, but I’m not sure that will solve many problems.

I do like #3 through #5.

4 thoughts on “Rand Paul on Dennis Miller Show

  1. To be brief.

    #1: I’ll link this to your most recent post, about Charles Rowley, where he says, “Government and its citizens developed unsustainable appetites for consuming more than they earned.” So true.

    And I’ll link back to your post from a few days ago, Well Said, where I commented that we deserve better from all news stations. Here, we deserve better from the government. Stop spending money like it grows on trees.

    #2: So far we haven’t figured out a way to make current term limits work for the better. When your choices are between the “worst guy” and the “just slightly better than the worst guy” it’s not much of a choice at all. Either candidate will do as they please. And to link yet again (to #1), they will spend as they please.

    #3: Read the bill. Every bill. Every page. Also, stop making bills that are thousands of pages. Create bills that are easy to read and are limited to 50 pages or so.

    #4: The passing of a rule such as this won’t achieve much. Nothing is supposed to become law without constitutional authority, whether or not it is written into the bill in question.

    #5: Very yes.

    • Great comment bovis.

      What I like about #4 is that it at least get more people discussing and looking at the Constitution, which doesn’t happen a lot right now.

      • That’s certainly a valid point. It does disturb me a bit, though, that we would consider measures such as this.

        It’s not so much that I am bothered by what the measure imposes – it isn’t a big deal to reference the constitution, it’s a relatively easy task. My concern lies with the implications, that we cannot trust our government officials to do what is correct and expected of them.

        It would be like a doctor being forced to put into writing that he, first, is doing no harm. I don’t want my doctor focusing on how she can prove to me that she is acting properly, I just want her to cure my ills.

      • I agree bovis. Unfortunately, it’s reality.

        The reason you don’t require a doctor to put that in writing is that he doesn’t have the power to force you to do anything. If he wants to continue earning a living and attracting customers, he does his job and tries to do it well.

        Government doesn’t operate with that feedback model. It can force you and doesn’t necessarily have to do its job well to stay in existence. In fact, when it does its job poorly, there’s usually a call to give it more resources to “fix” the problem.

        Given that, I think it would be good to force them to stick to their job description no matter how tempting it is for them to stray.


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