Hydras in the Workplace

A serpent monster exists in Greek mythology called a hydra.  It has nine heads and each time you cut one off, two more grow back. It also happens to have poison breath.

I believe I know the conceptual origin of this beast.  I encounter them on rare occasion in the business world.

It wouldn’t surprise me if storytellers who concocted the idea of the hydra were inspired by people who appear to delight in noise making (poison breath) to appear useful.  When you address one of their noisy concerns (cutting off head, often by showing that it really isn’t much of a concern), rather than thanking you and going about their business, they make more noise about two additional issues.

I’m certain most people encounter such folks, they just haven’t realized yet.

The best way to satisfy such folks isn’t to actually address their noise.  The best way seems to be to point them to another unassuming victim for the answer.

Good luck.


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