Really? With Seth.

One of my blog friends posted a disturbing video from an environmental organization that calls itself 10:10 Global.

If you don’t care to watch the video (it’s gruesome), it shows several scenes with people preaching about the organization’s goal to have everyone commit to cutting carbon output by 10% in year 2010.  Those in the audience who aren’t committed are told “that’s okay, no pressure.”  Then the speaker presses a red button and those people explode covering everyone else with blood and guts.

You couldn’t make a better parody that reveals the hatred and bigotry behind movements that appear to have such good intentions.

The blogger, Zombiehero, says in his comments section that the organization removed the video from its website and tries to keep it off youtube, so apparently they realize that it wasn’t being received well.

It’s hard to determine whether it was simply bad judgment on their part to try to produce a video that would get attention or if they were letting their slip show on a belief that if you disagree with their way of thinking they have the right to take your life.

Either way, to have ever thought this was a way to win people over, rather than sharply raising suspicions, shows the incredibly bad judgment of the people running the organization.

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