How Bad Are Things?

I wonder when I see a local furniture super store advertising the opening of their Dream Laundry Room department.

We’ve (not me literally, just stating trends) updated our kitchens.  We’ve finished the basement.  We’ve added bedrooms and square footage to our homes.  We’ve made our patios the second, or maybe third, “living room” with the nice and cozy patio furniture.  What’s next?  Why not make your laundry room really, really cool?

Don’t get me wrong.  The videos they show of the laundry rooms look great.   Who wouldn’t want that?

Also, I know people have it rough.  I know those people.

But, several hundred years ago we worried about gathering enough calories to eat.  A hundred years ago we worried about not catching communicable diseases.  Now, dream laundry rooms.

Who knows?  The commercial doesn’t indicate much.  This might be an experiment for the furniture store.  I’ll be watching to see how it pans out.  That may a better sign for how bad things are.


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