I agree

I’m reading David Weingberger’s book Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder.  I like it and recommend it.

In Chapter 9, Messiness as a Virtue, he writes about Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s, the inventor of the Internet, attempt to impose better categorization on the Internet.

Now Sir Tim — the title sits awkwardly on this modest man — looks out at his creation and wishes it were neater [better organized].

Sir Tim would like to introduce a better way to categorize the content on the web to make things easier to find.  While that may sound good to a lot of people, a point Weinberger makes throughout the book is that attempts made to categorize things by a person, or small group of people, is subject to the tastes, preferences and knowledge of those people.

Regarding the attempt to better organize the Internet, I agree with another Tim, Tim Falconer (and maybe the cause of disagreements I’ve had with some bosses in my life):

It’s better to do something and tweak it for the rest of your life than to get thirty people into a room to figure out everything you’re ever going to need.

My reasoning is that those thirty people will not likely think about everything or even the things that are important at all.


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