Arnold Kling asks obvious questions

Thanks to Russ Roberts of Cafe Hayek for the link.

In his post, Matching Narrative to Policy, Arnold Kling, an economist, asks:

— if the problem was that we deregulated too much over the past 20 years, then why doesn’t the bill simply reset regulations to what they were 20 years ago? or 30 years ago?

— if the problem was that house price increases and mortgage leverage got out of hand, then why does government policy continue to try to push mortgage loans with low down payments?

— if the problem is that lenders were exploiting borrowers (which would justify a focus on consumer protection), then why is it that we ended up bailing out the lenders?

Hats off to Kling for asking obvious questions.  I wish I would have thought of those.  These are some of the first questions that journalists should ask.

2 thoughts on “Arnold Kling asks obvious questions

  1. i remember the magazine now. brill’s content.
    it had a huge retraction/correction column. i really got the impression they were interested in printing things that resembled truth.

    good quote from brill’s wiki page, too:

    “Journalists are probably the only people on the planet who make lawyers look good.”
    -S. Brill


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