The Other Seth on the Kindle

Seth Godin has some wonderful ideas about what the Kindle should do to beat back iPad.    But, I have news for Seth.  Even a $49 or free Kindle isn’t going to beat the iPad.

Kindle was an awesome product. But, from what I can tell, the iPad is that much better.  The price is relatively immaterial.  Why have two devices that do about the same thing, but one does it much better?

Kindle may be able to occupy a profitable niche for book-0-philes, but unless it pulls an HTC leap in product development, it’s going to lose to iPad.

Kindle is a sunk cost. My guess (and as always, I could be wrong) is that Amazon would better off tying in with the iPad early before Apple’s iBookstore starts taking a chunk of their business.

I wish both devices would support pdf’s better.

3 thoughts on “The Other Seth on the Kindle

  1. I would agree but the Ipad costs way too much. It isn’t a suitable or practical alternative for the Kindle or Nook.
    Also, Amazon is coming out with a new Kindle, hopefully at a lower price. If Amazon can find the right price, it will beat out the ipad.

    Of course I have a Nook, which runs on Android. So I’m hopeful Barnes and Noble will get off their ass and start some app dev for the Nook.

  2. You might be right. We’ll see. I have the free version of Kindle for my iPod, so I’m sure they’ll have a Kindle for the iPad also.

    Now you made be do some research. Kindle is now $259 vs. $499 for the entry level iPad. My guess is that the iPad is versatile enough to do other things well, including what Kindle does, that people will opt for the iPad.

    I do see that Kindle now supports pdf’s. That’s good.

  3. kindle now available even iPad have to wait for it.. just keep booking first and get later.. sound not fair for someone to love to use it once..

    I love kindle technology era, many gadget will come to and we can enjoy with technology and keep reading anywhere. Thanks for technology


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